2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I did not buy this Mitsubishi Eclipse 2001 new, but it was my dream car none-the-less, and I’ve had it since Christmas of 2003. It’s a sporty car that I hope to keep until I have to put baby seats in the back (which I’ve done and it’s hazardous to get a child seat in and out of this 2 door car, at least the way I tried it!). But if I can keep it as a spare car even then, I will. It drives very well, and as an approximately 9 year old car is still pretty cool! The issues I have had have been minor (and relatively cheap fixes), and include the headlight glass dimmed and became opaque (because of the sportscar shape, I’m told this is normal), the hinges on the trunk wore out (and it’s a heavy trunk), and the bottom of the car rusted a bit (but I blame that on the previous owner who lived in snow country). The sunroof can stick a bit, so I oil it, and there have been no serious issues with it. The radio that came with the car was great, but I replaced it to have an auxiliary port for my iPhone, and the seats and carpet still look like new after they are cleaned even 9 years later. There are small cracks in the front dashboard (again I’m blaming the previous owner for probably using an Armor all product that then weakens the material if not used consistently). But everything has held up and it still drives very well. I know the newer model of the Eclipse has many changes, but I’d expect it to be a solid sportcar that outperforms it’s price. Mine certainly has.

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  1. xcat9 says:

    My 2001 is still alive and doing well too – I did have to get retired from the 70 mile a day commute, but now my dad has his first sports car!

    Now I have an ’06 PT Cruiser – not as sporty, but very comfy.

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  2. Adri17 says:

    I have my heart set on 3 different cars and this one is one of them. Now I’m driving an old Saturn ion – would love to be able to trade as early as April 2011.

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  3. jmcharries says:

    I’m really glad to hear that you like the Mitshbishi so much. I am seriously considering getting a Mitsubishi Outlander and I was curious how Mitshubishi owners like their cars in general. This really helps

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