2010 Kia Soul

I bought the 2010 Kia Soul in June of 2009, when the model was first released in Canada.  I was looking for something that didn’t have the gas-guzzling, environment killing perception of an SUV, but had decent storage space, with a hatch back, and which would ride a little higher, to help with my back issues (our last car’s seats had me feeling like I might as well have been lying down).

I’ll admit it – the styling got my attention immediately – it was like nothing I’d seen (and the Scion and Nissan Cube hadn’t hit the market here yet).   But it was some of the ‘standard’ features that impressed me most, namely heated front seats and windows (lovely in a northern climate), built in bluetooth, ipod hookup, and a massive glove compartment (I’m sure I could stow a bowling ball and a laptop in there) and many more.

I bought the 2U Model – in “Lava” – a metallic orange.  I opted out of the higher end model, because I really didn’t need the flashing speakers, and the red & black dashboard (a bit ‘over the top’, even for me).

A year in, I’m still enjoying the looks the car is getting – even by other Soul owners (we still wave at each other – as though we’re in some sort of ‘club’).  But more than that, I’m enjoying how this car sips fuel.   It costs just under $40 CAD/ $31USD to fill this baby up and it goes and goes and goes.  It’s also got this cool ‘ECO’ indicator on the instrument panel that let’s you know when you’re driving at optimum fuel efficient levels.

The cabin is roomy – with plenty of room for 4 adults, with a surprizing amount of head and leg room in the back seat (we’re tall, so that’s important).  Storage space is great for two people on a road trip – stowing bags for 4 is a challenge as the rear cargo area is quite small.  That said, with the rear seat folded down, we can easily fit our dog’s ‘intermediate-size’ crate as well as her gear, and ours, for those weekend getaways.

The only complaint I have is with the quality of the plastics on the interior.  While they ‘look’ good, they scuff and scratch really easily.  That being said, I’ve given this feedback to my Kia dealer and they’re replacing the armrests free of charge (as that’s where the bulk of the scuffing has happened).

Overall, a fun, thrifty car, brilliant for city driving, and decent on the highway.  I’d buy another.  This time, I’m thinking, in ‘Vanilla Shake’, with the houndstooth interior. 🙂

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  1. Adri17 says:

    This car is on top of my list. While my husband wants to go hybrid 100% and, already reading the how sensitive the exterior can get, he is pursuading me to change my mind, lol

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