Feel The Burn! Game System Fitness Games, Are They Still Worth It?

Have you ever wondered if fitness games are really worth getting? If you are anything like me, you are all about getting the newest games for your game system. I personally have the Nintendo Wii and when we first got it, I was on this fitness kick and the Wii actually helped with that. They were coming out with games to help get you fit and they were fun at the same time.

Take for example the Wii Fit game. It’s been around for about 3 years or so and it’s great. They even came out with a new version of it, the Wii Fit Plus, which has fitness challenges, trainings, and more.

Then there was the Get Moving Family Fitness featuring Brooke Burke from Knowledge Adventure that is meant to get your family involved. Only problem is how long do they last? I don’t necessarily look at how long does the game last or how many times you can play them before they don’t work anymore, but how long does the fun with them last?

For me, I used the Wii Fit for about 3 months, almost every day. It was a blast, but I wasn’t seeing much of a change in my overall appearance so I kind of put it on the bottom shelf. Then the Wii Fit Plus came out and I was all over it. Problem is, I didn’t continue to use/play it so it’s down there with the original version. The same pretty much goes for the Get Moving Family Fitness game. We had fun while doing the review we did, played it for some time after and then we lost interest.

Are they still worth it to me? Yes, because I know eventually I’ll get back into playing them. What do you think? Are fitness games for your game system still worth it? They don’t have to be the three games I mentioned, as I don’t own them all.

*I can be found blogging at http://www.shawnann.com. These are my opinions and are no way endorsed by StillWorthIt.com.

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