Lampe Berger – the last air freshner you’ll ever need.

Turns out a device that’s been around for over 100 years is still unknown to so many people.

I was given a basic Lampe Berger for Christmas about 4 years ago.  I’d seen them around but hadn’t used one before.  I figured it was some sort of pretty gimmick – an alternative to a scented candle.  And I had lots of those already.

Actually – I have always liked things like scented candles, essential oil burners, reed diffusers… anything that would make the air smell nice.  But this, for me the ultimate in home fragrance.

The Lampe Berger was designed by a French pharmacist to help purify the air in hospitals.  It’s essentially an alcohol lamp with a specially-designed diffuser, that when lit, causes the alcohol to evaporate and the fragrance molecules to clean and add fragrance to the air.

I’m hooked on this thing.  I can light it for 20 minutes and change the smell of the whole house.  Depending on the fragrance I choose, the scent can be subtle (like ‘Clean Linen’ or ‘Green Tea‘), fruity (‘Green Apple’, ‘Under the Fig Tree‘), or musky (‘Moroccan Dreams’) – there are close to 100 fragrance choices.  A tip – when you test the fragrances, don’t just put them to your nose… it’ll be awful.  Rub a bit on your hand and wait for the alcohol to evaporate – then you can appreciate the scent.

The fragrances themselves are on the pricey side (about $20 for a bottle) but they last a very long time.  A starter kit with a lamp, wick and and a neutral fragrance liquid cost about $30-40 bucks.

The best thing about it is that there’s none of that lingering waxy smell that a burned candle gives, and each time you light it, the fragrance is just as intense (unlike those reed diffusers, which get weaker smelling over time).

It’s really the only air freshener I need.  I’m liking it even more now that we have a puppy.

Indulgence?  Yes.  But worth every penny.

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  1. Home/Garden

    This sounds so cool! My hubby is obsessed with air fresheners, I think I’m gonna get this for him for Christmas. Thanks for the info.
    Happy Holidays….. 🙂

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  2. Adri17 says:

    This is what I like. Will definitely look into getting a starter kit with a lamp, wick and and a neutral fragrance liquid cost about $30-40 bucks.
    Would love to try: musky Moroccan Dreams

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