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Almost two years ago, we moved into a house that backs onto an often soggy, sports field.  When Spring came, we quickly noticed that we had way more mosquitos than we had at our previous home, only a few blocks away.  We bought this property because it had more land, which we planned to use as extra entertaining space, with a large deck and hot tub.

Trouble was… the mosquitos were intolerable.  From just before dusk to almost 10pm we were confined to the indoors in order to escape this irritant.

Knowing nothing about mosquito catchers, magnets or vacs – we went to the store to see what we could learn, which wasn’t much.  We figured that all of the devices lured the mosquitos with some sort of attractant, then either electrocuted or vacuumed them up.  We bought the most expensive one in the store because 1) we figured it was probably expensive because it was good (crazy, huh?) and 2) we were desperate and wanted to make a dramatic gesture in the face of the swarms of mosquitos.

The Mega-Catch Premier Mosquito Trap claims to cover a range of 1 acre, and the instructions were clear about where to place it in order to get the best results.  So we set it up, and began running it about 3 weeks before mosquito season (which where we live, begins in May).

I don’t know how much can be chalked up to science, luck, or some other kind of phenomena, but within 24 hours of mosquito season beginning, the little chamber was absolutely full of dead mosquitos and remained that way through the season.  Amazing.  Everyone who sees it is sceptical (we were too, at first) but when we show them how much this thing sucks up, they come on board.

Now, I won’t say that we never got bothered by mosquitos, but I’m quite sure that we were bugged way less than if we hadn’t bought the Mega-Catch.

Worth it.

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  1. Adri17 says:

    Very handy when swimming at night. Love it. Its worth it. It was a gift therefore cannot say where it was purchased.

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