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I bought a Motorola DROID last year (I paid around $250!) from Go Wireless/a Verizon retailer. I wanted the newest “it” phone and since our company was on Verizon, I couldn’t try an iPhone.
So When I went to the store I looked at the Motorola Droid and the HTC Eris.

I noticed how the Droid was a bit thicker compared to the Eris, but when I figured out that was because it has a slide out keyboard, I was sold on the droid over the Eris.
I needed to have the physical keyboard, I knew having to use a touch screen all the time would frustrate me (and I have an iPod touch, so I am familiar with the onscreen touch keyboards).

The phone itself is durable, and yes, I have tested it. But I also did get a hard case that snaps on it to protect it. But it’s been dropped a couple times and it’s never missed a beat. The quality of the calls are superb, and I rarely have a dropped call. It has the built in wi-fi, so when I am home, it can jump on the network instead of the 3g network with Verizon. There is GPS, which is excellent! No need for a separate Navigation system! Go into the Navigation app (included) and type in the address and hit go. Turn by turn directions and a map to follow! No more getting lost when I am out of town!!

That brings me to Apps! The Droid runs Android 2.1 (Eclair), there is a new version that has since been released (Froyo, 2.2), but Verizon is slow to get it out to customers. There is even a newer update that is being tested, 2.3 (Gingerbread, can you see the theme for the names?). But with each release, the Android OS keeps getting smoother and better. The Market (similar to the App Store from Apple) is easy to use and navigate though. There are plenty of free apps, and many are excellent. Since Android OS is open source from Google, there are plenty of developers working on apps and tweaks to make your phone work to it’s full potential.

You can add video and music to your phone, making it one rocking pocket entertainment source. You can use various programs to put pictures, video, music or even documents on to the phone. There are music widgets that will let you easily browse though your music as you let it play on the headphones or external speaker.

After seeing family and friends use their AT&T iPhone, and how spotty it is here, I am glad I went with the Droid. And even those that have the iPhone have a second phone with Verizon because their network is so much better.

Battery life one the droid is great, especially when you download some battery saver apps that can adjust some settings to preserve battery life. I can charge my phone every 36 hours! I know the iPhone’s battery life isn’t even close to that. I was very surprised by that.

So my suggestion: Look at the Droid! You might be surprised by how cool it really is! You can do more with it than an iPhone and it’s on an awesome network!

*The current model Motorola Droid II is featured for this review


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About the Author: My name is Melissa and I am in Portland, Oregon. I am a mom to two boys, Chandler 5.5 and Lincoln 2.5 and married to the third, Rob. :) Rob is currently in school for Electronic Engineering Technology, and I have a degree in Psychology from Oregon State University. I am a total electronics geek, having to have the newest "it" thing. On my list is the iPad-it's the one thing I don't have yet. I love to read (on my Sony reader), knit, crochet, sew, play with the crazy kids, volunteer at school, and teach at our church. I enjoy movies (Twilight, Harry Potter are some recent faves), listening to music (Country, but have a love of classic rock-Aerosmith) and football, especially college!

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  1. caitandmattsmommy says:

    I love my Droid 2. It’s the best phone I’ve had so far.

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  2. mlcottingham says:

    I’ve had my Droid (original) for a little over a year… and I’m still ecstatic with “Andy”. Yes, My Droid and I are so inseparable that he has a name. I got the updated to Froyo a while ago… and now my Droid it is running Flash quite happily, which my iPad will not.

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  3. Karen E says:

    I just got my Droid X and love it. I never thought I would be the person with a smartphone–all I ever wanted a phone to do was make a call. But since I got this Droid, I don’t know how I could live without it ever again. I love that I GPS, and everything else that it does.

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