Once Upon a Wall Vinyl Wall Clock

When you come into our home, you will see a Once Upon A Wall Vinyl Wall Clock that not only displays the time, but also displays our last name and the year we were “established” (married). We have had it about 6 months now and the only consideration is to be careful when taking off the clock to change the time for Daylight Savings time. This is the coolest clock to give as a housewarming present, wedding present, to someone with a business or to anyone who would appreciate having their name or special message on a wall clock. You can choose the lettering from preprinted vinyl letters that then looks hand-painted when you put it on the wall. It takes a bit of time (maybe an hour) to get everything on the wall, and lined up properly, but it comes with a great guide and template to help you do that. Ours was from Target and is one of the favorite pieces in our home. For someone with a long last name or business name, it might not work due to the letters available, or the space available to put the letters, but for us it’s perfect!!! Because it’s permanently attached to the wall, the letters cannot travel with us whenever we move, so we will think twice before moving! That’s how much we love this clock!

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  1. Adri17 says:

    Sounds like the mystery clock in CLUES – unique, I would say. Vinyl is making a comeback and possibly never go out of style. It can make a nice present for someone who likes to redecorate and rearrange their furniture. Would consider it.

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