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I bought a Snoogle Total Body Pillow when it went on sale during my 4th month of pregnancy.  I was getting to the point where my back hurt no matter how I laid and no amount of pillows bunched up would help.  I bought this pillow and it was a life saver.  My husband hated it as it took up a lot of room in bed, but it allowed me to sleep so I didn’t care.  It has just the right amount of support and is flexible so you can adjust as necessary.  There are numerous suggested positions that it can be used in.  I only ended up using it for two of them, one with the pillow behind my back and one with the pillow in front of me.  I didn’t use them for feeding or sitting up on the couch as I had a boppy pillow for that, but it looks like it would have worked well for those purposes.  It did work wonders to help me sleep comfortably though.  It did get a little flat where my legs rested on it, so that is one negative.  I should be able to use it again if we do decide to have another child, however.

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  1. thatcmr27 says:

    My husband brought this home for me (and unfortunately paid full price – very expensive). I tried using it with my first pregnancy but found that I kept getting tangled up with the pillow making it hard to sleep. I think my cats got more use out of it than I did. Also the pillow ended up a little flat in different areas like the post above mentioned. For my second pregnancy I used regular pillows and felt much better. For now, the snoogle total body pillow will remain at the top of my closet until I can figure out how to re-purpose it and get my money money’s worth.

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  2. Adri17 says:

    Many ask me if I’m having a baby, lol. No! I’m just fat. Diet alone is not enough – I know I have to include exercise but my back hurts no matter that I even changed the mattress six months ago. I would love to try the Snoogle – it may work.

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  3. Taminar says:

    What is the size of the Snoogle — how long is it in comparison to a regular pillow? Would you say that it’s about the same firmness as a regular pillow or firmer?

    My husband has always used either an extra long body pillow OR he lines up several smaller pillows next to him. He likes something that’s really firm, and unfortunately, most body pillows aren’t very tightly stuffed. I was wondering if the Snoogie would work for him. Shhh, don’t tell him it’s made for pregnant women.

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