Tivo is the Best DVR on the Market

I bought two TiVo Series 2 over 6 years ago and do not know what life was like before them. Know I rarely watch live TV which frees me up to enjoy life without missing my shows.

Unfortunately this year I had to mourn the loss of 1 of the devices and the 40 hours of programming saved but it was faithful until then. There was a terrible storm and a power surge so I recommend a surge protector. The one that survived had a surge protector connected so its my fault for not protecting both. Even though I am out of warranty I am able to trade in the damaged device for a discount on the new TiVo Premiere. I will keep you posted on how that device works out.

The TiVo Series 2 allows me to record 2 programs on each so with both I was able to program 4 programs at once. That came in handy during fall premiere season so I can record all the new and returning shows and determine which program I would like to continue watching.

DVR providers are getting crafty and incorporating commercials into the devices menu options. I don’t really mind. I would prefer to see a pop up hear and there than sit through several 30 second commercials between my favorite show.

Like I mentioned before the TiVo Series 2 allows me to record 2 shows at the same time but I can also watch previously recorded programs while 2 recordings are going on. Thats not common among all DVRs. I can rewind, fast forward, pause. I can watch what I want to watch when its convenient for me. What is better than that.

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  1. rubabecca says:

    TiVo is by far the best DVR. I have had TiVo since 1998, with various models/upgrades since then. I have never had one break or have any other technical difficulties. The user interface is very easy to understand and is user friendly. I would recommend TiVo to anyone!

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  2. jtrophy2 says:

    I agree ! I think it is the best ! We recently had a problem with our comcast adapter not being compatible with our old tivo but we got them on the phone and they resolved the problem for us without any hassle even though our tivo is the original (and by that I mean probably 8 years old !)

    jtrophy at gmail dot com

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  4. Nnov.ec says:


    Tivo is the Best DVR on the Market | Still Worth It?

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