Tivoli iPAL AM/FM Portable Radio

I bought the Tivoli iPAL about two years ago, so that I could have a small radio in my kitchen that would also play my iPod.   At a little over $200, it was a splurge for a kitchen radio, but I knew it could also be used on the patio, as it is weather-resistant (not to be confused with ‘water proof’), portable, with a rechargeable battery.

For starters, the radio.  Amazing.  I understand now why people love Tivoli radios.  The dial is so sensitive, and the antenna powerful – I can get more stations than I can in my car, and the reception is clearer.

The speaker itself is fantastic for something so small.  I often use the iPal as my primary sound source when having dinner parties.  I wouldn’t attempt to use it for a big house-party (it’s really not what it’s meant for) but people marvel at the quality of the sound, and are amazed when I point out that it comes from this little white box (it also comes in a bunch of other colours).

The only drawback is what Tivoli markets as the iPod connection.  It’s really just an Auxiliary port that you can use with any device (mp3 player, CD player etc…)   This makes it versatile for people who don’t have an iPod, but it also means that you’re using your iPod battery, which you wouldn’t if there was an actual iPod connector.    You could buy a seperate dock though, and that would solve this problem.  Tivoli also makes devices with the dock built in, but they’re considerably more expensive.

I love this little radio.

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