Umbra Bungee Wallet

It happens at least once a week.  At a store ready to pay for my purchase, the cashier or someone behind me in line says:  “What a cool wallet! Where did you get that?”

It’s the Umbra Bungee Wallet.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.  The wallet is basically an alluminium shell with two translucent acrylic caps (mine are blue) tied together with an elastic band, much like the ones used to tie a ponytail.  I originally bought it to hold business cards, but quickly began using it to keep all of my cards… debit card, credit card, social insurance, health card, loyalty program cards etc.

As I’ve never been one to carry a wallet in my back pocket (who can sit comfortably on that, and who wants to distract from the view of their backside… really?) this is a great solution.  It slides easily in my jacket pocket, where I can easily reach it when I need my plastic.  Ladies, this is the perfect thing when you’re carrying a small bag and would rather have room for makeup than cards and a huge wallet.

I seldom carry cash, so this works perfectly for me.  On the rare occasion I have bills or coins, they’re stashed in my pants pocket.  It’s a heck of alot less bulky than a leather wallet, and it forces me to stay organized (ever see one of those wallets jammed to over-flowing with receipts?  so unsightly).  On top of that, it’s just cool-looking.  When I go out and don’t want to carry alot of stuff, I put only the cards I need, a couple of 20 dollar bills and change for the parking meter and it all fits in the one bungee.  Brilliant!

I’ve since bought two other ones.  A mini one I use for change and keep in the car, and another one I use for business cards.  I’ve had them for years and years and they’re one of my favorite things.

Cheap, Cheerful, Practical.  So worth it.

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  1. Adri17 says:

    It’s worth having. I would really consider in getting one.

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