Acer Aspire 3810T

I won an Acer Aspire Timeline 13.3-Inch notebook in an online giveaway. It came with 4GB of RAM and a 500MB hard drive. It does not have a CD/DVD drive, which does make installing software more difficult, but we have a couple of external drives that we can use for that.

I don’t like the design of the keyboard. It’s very flat; the keys have no indentations like a regular desktop keyboard, and I think it makes it easier for your fingers to slip and hit a wrong key. I also think that moving the Touchpad a little bit to the left would make it less likely that I’d bump it accidentally while typing.

The computer was recalled for a wiring problem a few weeks after I received it, and I was unhappy with the way that process was handled. I received a three page letter about how to ship it back, but it was very poorly written and organized. I ended up losing my original box, which I thought you were always supposed to keep in case you had to ship it back to the company. I also expected them to return it by at least two day air instead of by ground. Customer service and management were non-responsive to my concerns.

Within ten days after the warranty expired (the 10 days I was without my computer due to the recall), the battery died. It was functioning perfectly the last time I used it, yet when I turned it on a few days later, it didn’t work at all. I couldn’t believe the battery had just suddenly gone dead. I did a lot of research online, attempted some conversations with tech support (who really didn’t listen to what I was saying), and communicated with other users, and it seems that it was just that the battery went dead.

I don’t use the laptop to play games. I’ll sometimes watch short video, such as a movie trailer or YouTube clip. The only problem I had with lag was watching a TV show on Hulu, which I only tried once and Hulu may have been having connection issues that day. Mostly, I enter a lot of sweepstakes, which often involve Javascript or Flash-heavy websites, and I use it for email.

For a free computer, I’ve been happy enough with it. I have not bought another battery; I just plug it in. I have used it on the go a few times, and if I need to do so again, then I’ll look at investing in a battery. Because of the customer service issues and seemingly short battery life, I would hesitate to recommend an Acer.

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