Apple Ipod Nano 8 GB 6th Generation

I have been dreaming of an Ipod for so long. I have heard inconsistent things regarding the Ipod Shuffle. So I knew I wanted something better. Since I got the Apple iPod nano 8 GB, I have been incredibly happy! Some of the features that I really like are:

  • Touch Screen
  • Small and lightweight
  • Radio-I can actually tune into my favorite radio stations!
  • Pedometer
  • Photos-I can carry my photos with me everywhere
  • Music Genius-It will play the songs that are similar to my mood
  • Clip-Easy clip onto whatever I am wearing!

Some of the not so great features?

  • Battery charge-Sure it went a whole 8 hours before dying in my hands. But I thought it was supposed to last longer.
  • Accessories- spending this much on an Ipod, I’d love to have more accessories available!
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