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I’ve had my Apple MacBook 13.3″ laptop for about 2 and a half years now.  It gets a lot of use; probably about 4 or  5 hours a day, sometimes more.  The apple system is pretty easy to learn and now when I try to get on a PC based computer I find myself frustrated that things don’t work as seamlessly between programs as they do on a mac.  I use all the programs that came with the computer, and have learned each one easily.  I’m continually impressed with the functionality and design of programs and am happy that there are virtually no unused programs on my computer.  I have only had one issue with the computer when it completely failed to start up out of nowhere.  This obviously called for repair and many conversations with the Apple service team.  They quickly set up a one-on-one meeting at my local Apple store and the problem was completely fixed within a half hour at no cost to me.  I’ve been outside of my warranty for a year and a half, so I greatly appreciated the help and that it came free of charge.  It’s been great ever since and travels with me wherever I go.  It’s definitely still worth the pricetag, even though Apple is more expensive than a PC computer, I believe the lack of hassles, helpful service team, minimal chance of viruses, and the cool software that comes with it more than makes up for the price difference.  Seeing how the mac worked, I was even encouraged to get an iPhone!

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  1. MamaDweeb says:

    I want a Macbook so much! I have had my iMac since 2007 and have only had one problem in all that time (my fault, didn’t have it hooked up to a surge protector, duh)

    My iMac runs so fast and I have never had a virus issue in the 3.5 years I’ve owned it. Next purchase will be a macbook!

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