Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse

As a mom of three kids I’ve acquired more than my fair share of toys. My oldest child is 15 and the youngest is 5 so I’ve been around a toy aisle or two and the Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse is one item that has stood the test of time. Baby #1 and #2 were boys so when we found out that our third child was going to be a girl I was overjoyed with the thoughts of buying girly things! By her second Christmas she had just about reached the recommended age of 2 years old and this dollhouse was the number one gift for her. Before I tell you how much fun this dollhouse has provided I just want to let you all know that my daughter is now almost 6 years old and still plays with it daily and it’s still as great as it was when we took it out of the box.  Ok, lets get down to what you really want to hear! When buying toys quality is big with me. I hate nothing more than to buy something for one of the kids and have it broken just a few days later. You will not have that issue with the Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse! The plastic dollhouse itself is very sturdy. It’s been played with daily, in every way imaginable and it’s never even so much as gotten wiggly. The door is still firmly attached, just like it was on day 1. Included with the house is a kitchen table, 2 chairs, a kitchen (which is the fridge, sink and stove all attached as one piece), a potty for the bathroom plus a family of three. All the furniture is detailed and your child can set it wherever they choose in the house. I liked this aspect, it really encourages creativity when the child can set up the pieces the way they want.  There is a doorbell that really works and a phone on the wall in the kitchen that makes sounds when pressed. The batteries last forever! I think we’ve only had to replace them once in almost 4 years of use.

I really can’t say enough good about the Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse! It makes the perfect gift for any girl…little or big!

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  1. auntrene says:

    I was glad to find this review for the Fisher Price Dollhouse. I have been considering one as a gift for my adorable 3 year old niece. I am glad to read that this dollhouse is top knotch quality and will last longer then a few weeks. I am not surpised since it is Fisher Price. I am glad to know your daughter played with it for 4 years now. I will be looking for one for my niece. Thank you!!

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