George Foreman Evolve Grill

When I first picked up the box for the George Foreman Evolve Grill, I knew that it would not be made of low quality products.  It was HEAVY!  I had looked at the George Foreman website and had viewed the videos online before getting the product but it exceeded my expectations by a long shot!  The following are why I love this grill:

  • Easy to clean.  The grill components come off easily with the click of a button.  The coating of the grill makes the burnt stuff fall off easily too.
  • The grill can be tilted.  There is a lever in the back that you can switch to make the fat go downward into the dripping pan.
  • Can adjust temperature.  The grill can be set between 200 and 450 degrees in 50 intervals.
  • It has several different options as far as grill plates go: hamburger pan, lasagna pan, muffin pan, regular

The only con I found was that it can only set for 20 minutes.  I wish it could be set up to an hour!  🙂  I really love this grill and would recommend it!

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