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I have had my Apple iPhone for almost 2 years now. To give you some background, the phones I had before were the lowest line options, and I once bought a phone on eBay for $15. So my main needs in a phone were mostly related to making calls and having a phone that could stand up to my clumsiness without breaking (or be cheap enough to replace.) But I upgraded to the smart phone when I signed a new contract and got a great deal on the iPhone. While I love a million things about it (and have been so spoiled that I can’t ever go back from a smart phone), I have to say there were 2 disappointments.

The first is that 2 of the outside buttons fell off. That’s right, just fell off about 6 months into having the phone. And this is despite my having bought a very sturdy, clumsiness-proof case. One of the buttons fell off and got lost, and I literally super glued the other one back. To be fair, my husband has had his phone longer than I and has never had this problem, and he has gone long periods of time without using a case. So maybe it was to do with my case, who knows.

The other thing has to do with the charger. I think it’s ingenious that the charger you use for the wall, can be converted into what you use for charging or syncing with your computer via USB port. Leave it to Apple to give you a multi-tasking product! That part I love, however the plastic casing around the wires has stretched and torn a bit over time, starting at probably 9 or so months in. This leaves some of the wires showing (yikes!). It gets used every day and gets taken back and forth between work and home, but as a fairly expensive charger, and an Apple product, I expected more. This also happened to my husband. I hope it’s fixed for the newer iPhones, but has been a problem for us.

All that being said, I wouldn’t trade my Apple iPhone for anything. Every once in a while I wonder if I could get rid of it to save money from what I think is a very expensive wireless plan, and I realize I use iPhone features several times a day. I use the map/gps feature anytime I leave the house to go somewhere other than work or the grocery store. I look up stores to see, maps to friend’s houses, and we recently used it to plot a 10 hour road trip. No more printing out Mapquest maps! (To be fair, you have to note that if you got through an area with no service, you loose the GPS capability of your map!). And I use all kinds of apps from recipes to brain-boosters. I hand it over to my kids and niece to play with when waiting in long lines, or waiting for food at a restaurant. It’s my iPod and camera wherever I am, and I love that I can e-mail voice memos to people because there’s just something about hearing a voice over reading a text or e-mail. And I could go on and on! While other phones probably have the same capabilities, the simple design of Apple products makes this my preferred route. As a person who’d never had a phone that did much more than call people, I found myself using most all the functions within about 2 weeks of it. And my in-laws have both upgraded as well, and have enjoyed learning about what it can do with no frustration at all.

So the 2 disappointments I’ve had are far outweighed by how much I love the phone, but I could do without those 2 issues for sure.

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  1. Adri17 says:

    The iPhone is here to stay. Waiting to get the latest version and, plus, all my friends have one. The price in owning one is possibly the downfall but it’s Still Worth It.

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  2. thetwoj says:

    I purchased an iPhone about a year ago and can honestly say that I don’t know how I lived without it. The only thing I am less than thrilled about is how long it holds a charge. I seem to be plugging it in every night now and that makes me nervous. What will happen on the next road trip if I forget my charger? Otherwise, it is my best friend.

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  3. electronics

    I’m not sure what life was like before I got my iPhone. I have it with me everywhere I go. It’s so much more than a phone.. I can search the internet, send emails, take pictures and even set my DVR …all from my phone. Genius! The iPhone is definitely “Still worth it”.

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  4. dpalacios says:

    I do not know what I would do without my iPhone. It helps me find my way when I’m lost. Just the other day, I was in Staples and couldn’t find the printer on sale that I needed. I went to their site, checked store availability, convinced them it was there and voila- a success. I use the Red Laser app to check to make sure I’m getting the best price on something, load movies to watch on our Netflix app and upload nearby coupons using MobiCoupons. My girls also use many games for learning like Matching Zoo and Letters. The only downside? At&t
    But yes, it’s still worth it!

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