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I received a Robi comb electronic head lice detector and remover about two months ago and I have to say I believe it to be a new miracle product. In these days of rampant super-lice infestations the Robi Comb is a welcome change from the chemical shampoos of the past. In June of this year my three children were in Tx visiting their Grandmother. While there they came down with lice. My mother shampooed and nitpciked them twice over the six weeks they were there to no avail When they returned I know I needed to rid them of this plague before school session began. I did everything I could find from different pesticidal shampoos to smothering them with Queen Helene to no avail. I was constantly cleaning sheets, furniture, clothes and carpets and after 6 months was at the end of my rope. There is such a stigma related to lice which makes people reticent to speak about it with each other. i happened to run across a giveaway for a Robi comb electronic head lice detector and remover online and had never heard of it nor seen it at the store before. I won and received it a couple of weeks later. The comb electrifies and kills the living lice. You can use it on every memebr of your home and are instructed to do so for two weeks. My kids were excited to use it as it buzzes and then stops when it gets a louse. Within two weeks my house was lice-free. It only costs around $30. Had I heard of it before I could have saved a couple of hundred dollars of pain and many hours of needless worry. Overall it is a great product. The only issue I have with it is the fact that it does have the ability to shock somewhat if you touch it on the tines. After you do that once you won’t want to do it again, but I believe it is more than worth it for the good it does. Now we run it through our hair once a week just as a prophylactic measure.

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