Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

I bought the Salonpas Pain Relief Patch, Ultra Thin Comfort Stretch 5 pack. The best part about the patches are that they work. I have severe chronic back pain and use ice and/or heat packs on a daily basis. I was looking for something I could use that was more convenient when I went places or had shopping to do.  The directions advise to use only one patch at a time. I was concerned that 2.75 by 3 inch patch wasn’t going to be big enough. Not true with this product. When I put it on the small of my back it even relieved the pain in my hips. The scent is not overwhelming, nor is it unpleasant and medicine-like.

The instructions state that the patches can be used for 8-12 hours at a time (even while asleep); up to 2 patches a day for no more than three days consecutively. I used one overnight and it peeled off around the edges a few hours later. When wearing it during the day, it did not peel, but the adhesive is not the best. For some reason it rolls around the edges. That is the first of only two things I did not like about this product.

The second thing that I was disappointed about was effective packaging.  I was looking for a product that I could put in a purse or in my desk at work when I might need it. All five patches were not individually sealed/wrapped, they were all in the same foil packet that said to discard any unused patches within 14 days of opening.  If I only need one or two every so often, then I would be throwing away the rest of the patches after just a few days.  It didn’t seem very cost-effective.

I located the other products they offered to see if the packaging issue was the same with all of their products. Salonpas comes in single patch purchase options and a smaller patch option that is in a box of 40, but it did not say if they were individually wrapped.

As for purchasing this exact product again, I will because even though I did not like the rolling of the patch after using while sleeping and the packaging, the patches work so incredibly well that I have not found any other over-the-counter pain relief product (roll on, spray, cream, balm, or patch) that works this well.

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  1. Adri17 says:
    Health and Beauty

    I do have chronic back pain and even heard ot this patch but never got around to purchase one. A little skeptical.

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    Salonpas Pain Relief Patch | Still Worth It?

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    Salonpas Pain Relief Patch | Still Worth It?

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