Colora Henna powder

Colora Henna Powder is a herbal hair dye in powder form.  It consists of henna and/or other herbs depending on the shade (not just henna, as the name implies).  It is truly herbs, and nothing else. This is hair colour for the purist. And if you choose to use it, if your experience is like mine, your good intentions will be rewarded by giving you the best hair you ever had!

A wide range of shades are offered, but the results you get depend a lot on the colour your hair is originally. In general, since there is no bleach involved,  the henna and other herbs can add colour, but not take it away.  My hair is originally a dark sandy blonde, and I found the three lightest “blonde” shades of Colora Henna Powder did nothing to the colour of my hair.  All the reddish or “gold” shades make me various shades of auburn; “Sunset Red” makes my hair bright red – this is the most dramatic one. I haven’t tried any of the dark or black shades. These would require a two step process for me – first red and then black, to avoid green hair ala Anne of Green Gables! This is all explained on the package insert. My favourite shade is “gold brown” which actually makes my hair a natural looking golden auburn or dark strawberry blonde.

For some reason hairdressers seem to get taught that henna is bad and they tell me it will destroy my hair. THIS IS NOT TRUE. My hair is never more thick, strong, managable, and healthy than when I use Colora Henna. I get immediate compliments. What henna does is coat the strand with colour which protects it, instead of stripping it as commercial colouring do. Thus, it makes your hair feel thicker, which is great for my fine hair, but I admit it’s possible that it might not be so good for someone with hair that is already very thick and coarse. For those people I recommend adding olive oil to the Colora Henna. It is true that henna and some chemicals in perms do not mix well; so you will have to choose between henna and a perm. I recommend the henna as it will do far more to make your hair beautiful!

As I said, the Colora Henna Powder that you mix with water to a soupy texture and then apply to your head. This can be a slightly messy process so don’t wear anything that might get stained and clean up any drips fairly promptly. Rinsing it out can also take awhile. But the results are worth it.

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