Tupperware Stack Cooker 3 Piece Starter Set

Recently I had a Tupperware party at my home. I love Tupperware for many reasons, mostly because the product never goes bad or looks scruffy like the cheap store bought brands do. At this party I purchased the Tupperware 3 pc Starter Microwave Stacker Cooker in Purple. This heavy plastic set includes a large bowl, smaller bowl, colander and a lid. The idea is that you can cook an entire meal in the microwave in half the time it takes to cook in the oven. Plus cooking this way is healthier and increases the amount of vitamins left in your food during the cooking process. I love it! I cook everything in it from Chicken to ground beef for taco’s. If you brown the ground beef in the colander it drips into the smaller bowl and therefore you absorb less fat when you eat it. Dishwasher safe and a lifetime warranty make it even better. Worth every penny.

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  1. Kitchen

    I’m glad to know this! I’m having a tupperware party Friday… oh, with you! 😀

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