Have you ever purchased an item you spent time researching, only to find out it fell apart 3 months after you bought it? Or maybe a product you have purchased has held up so well you are still using it years later! StillWorthIt.com is a consumer opinion site where the public can leave a review about how a product has held up over time. This way you can be an even more educated consumer when you venture out to make your purchases.

Rarely do opinion based websites mention anything long term. Usually a consumer buys a product, uses it once or twice and writes up a review. They may only write up a review when they are unhappy with the products performance. This unfortunately doesn’t always give us the big picture.

Here at StillWorthIt.com we aim to obtain impartial reviews both negative and positive. We want to hear all about how you love your vacuum cleaner and have been using it for 3 years. Please tell us why you have become brand loyal and why you will never purchase from a certain brand again.

If your product is old that is alright. Just give us the make and model and people can compare to the version on the market today! Hopefully someone else will provide us with a review for the newest model explaining how things have been upgraded!

Have fun with StillWorthIt.com. After all, it is for you, the educated consumer.