How Does It Work

Q. What is Still Worth It All About?

A. Still Worth It is a site for consumer to write product reviews on how their products have held up over an extended period of time. Usually when we read product reviews, the products have only been used a matter of weeks or even days. Here at Still Worth It we want to know how it performed as time has past! So tell us, Is It Still Worth It?

Q.  How Do I Register?

A. Register For a Log In By clicking Become an SWI Reviewer
A Password will be emailed to you
Once you receive your password click on the link provided in the site and log in

Q. How Do I Post My Own Original Review?

A. First search to be sure no one has already left a review on this product. If they have then please see above about leaving a comment review. If not: Log in to
On the left hand side of dashboard click POSTS (see picture below)

Click ADD NEW (see pic below)

For TITLE enter the Brand Name And Model Of Product you are reviewing
Type your Review In Content Box Below Title
Be Sure To Rate Category With Stars (see pic below)

Hit “Submit For Review” (see pic below)

You Can Get Back To The Main Site By Clicking On “” In the upper left hand corner (see pic below)

Q. How Do I Leave A Review Comment On A Post?

A. A review comment should be left when someone else has already reviewed the product you are interested in reviewing. We still want to hear from you though, so we ask that you leave your review in comment form. Log in to by clicking Log In
Click On StillWorthIt at the top left hand side of  DASHBOARD (see picture below)

You should now be on the main site page
Simply scroll to the bottom of the review and Leave A Reply (see picture below).

Don’t forget to rate the stars
Be Specific on the product name and model please

Q. What If I Still Do Not Understand?

A. Simply email me at and I’ll be happy to walk you through it. Please give me 24 hours to respond.

Q. Am I allowed to say something negative about a product?

A. Yes. As long as your comments are your own opinion and you do not use foul language your honest opinion is always welcome. By submitting a post or comment you understand and agree that your opinion is in no way endorsed by